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Flow Sensor 2 inch


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Flow Sensor 2 inch

Introduction :
While Magnetic flow sensors are operate on the principle that the movement of a conductor through a magnetic field provides a voltage.
They consist of a flow tube that generates the magnetic field in the pipeline. While an electronic converter that measures induced voltage.
Main Content :
Hence it has large 2-inch diameter Water Flow meter Sensor, while can be used to measure flow rate from 10 – 200 Liter / min. Hence 2 inch is a plastic body water flow sensor that contains a water rotor and a hall-effect sensor. While it is used for flow measurement for industrial applications. When the water flows through the rotor Hence the rotor are rolls, and its speed changes with a difference in rate of flow. Hence hall-effect sensor outputs the corresponding pulse signal. So the output of the flow sensor is proportional to the water flow. Hence more the water flowing will generates more pulses.

main features are :

Light-weight, small in size, easy to install.
Inlaid with stainless steel impeller shaft, durable wearable.
The seal ring with the upper and lower force structure never leaks.
Non-violent shock, and chemical erosion.
Non-throwing or hitting otherwise may damage.
Mounted vertically, should not exceed 5 degrees inclination.
The temperature of the medium should not be exceed 120 ℃.

Technical Specifications :Flow Sensor 2 inch

Working voltage range: DC 5 to 18 V
Hence it is Waterproof, Heat resistance, pressure resistance, cold resistance, Easy to install.
Flow range: 10-200 Liter per min
Sensor: Hall effect
Maximum current: 15 mA (5 volt DC)
Operating Temp: up to 80C,Operating humidity: 35 % to 90 % RH
Allow compression: Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
Insulation resistance: >100 M OHM
Storage Temperature: – 25 to 80 C
Storage humidity: 25 % to 95 % RH
Output Waveform: Square Wave, output pulse signal.
Size: 92 mm x 68 mm
Hence we should connect the sensor with a digital flow controller as given below:
Red Wire : Positive (+)
Yellow wire : Signal output.
Black wire : Negative (-)

Water Flow Meter

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