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Salt Spray Chamber


Salt Spray Chamber 1000Liter


Salt Spray Chamber 1000Liter, As per ASTM b117; ISO 9227 Standereds

Warranty 1 Year

Delivery 2 – 3 weeks after Confirm Order and advance

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Salt Spray Chamber 1000Liter Model : SST-1KB

Salt Spray Chamber 1000Liter, as per ASTM b117, ISO 9227

Special Features

  1. Chamber Capacity 1000 Liter (Overall Size 5 Feet * 3.8 Feet * 5 Feet)
  2. Automatic Door Opening by Switch and pneumatic Cylinders
  3. PLC Operated System
  4. Digital HMI Screen colored graph time based for parameters
  5. data memory 45 Days
  6. USB port for pen drive attachment

Other Models in Catagory : Salt Spray Chamber 1000Liter

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  2. Salt Spray Test Chamber 162B ASTMb117 for Laboratory
  3. Salt Spray Test Chamber 216A Standered
  4. Salt Spray Test Chamber 216B ASTM b117
  5. Salt Spray Test Chamber 240A Standered b117
  6. Salt Spray Test Chamber 1KB ASTM b117 Graphical Display
  7. Coustom Designed as per Any Other Size or Specification

Standard Features

  1. Chamber Capacity 1000 Liter for Laboratory : As per ASTM b 117 and ISO 9227 Standards
  2. Chamber Size : L*W*H = 1000mm*1000mm*1000mm
  3. Overall Size ( Space Required For Machine) approx. : L*W*H = 1500mm*1100mm*1500mm
  4. Main Chamber PP, 16 MM Sheets
  5. Acrylic Transparent Top 5 MM
  6. Material Hangers 4 -6 Hanging Rods (Depending on Max. Job Size)
  7. Main Water Tank Separated From Spray Chamber. Capacity 100 Liters.
  8. Saline Solution Label Low in Reservoir Tank Indication at front panel.
  9. Auto fill and label maintaining System for Reservoir Saline tank. Sensors available for maintaining water level between high and low levels.
  10. Chamber Waste water Auto Drainage Control Systems. (No manual drain)
  11. Compressed Air Circulation Periodically in Saline tank for dissolving residues.
  12. Fully Automatic Temperature Controller double display for Heating of Water.
  13. Temperature over Heat Warning Indicator on front panel.
  14. Separate Temperature and Humidity Indicator for Chamber Temperature and Humidity.
  15. Well Insulated Electric Shock Free, anti-Corrosion, Unbreakable Heaters (Life 10 Years/ No Glass Heater)
  16. Fogging System Centralized as per ISO 9227 and ASTM B 117.
  17. Standardized Fogg collection System as per ASTM B 117.
  18. Automatic Fogg Operating System Controlled by Process Switch ON / OFF
  19. Hour Meter 999 Hours 59.9 Minutes
  20. Digital pH Meter with Sensor for Monitoring Online pH Value of Saline Solution
  21. Digital Humidity Meter with Sensor to Monitor Humidity of Chamber.
  22. Process Complete Buzzer Alarm with Indicator
  23. Supply 220 VAc
  24. Warranty 1 Year

Salt Spray Chamber as per ASTMB 117

ISO 9227 ‘Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres

1. SCOPE:- Apparatus suitable to salt spray (fog) testing of ferrous and nonferrous metals and also used to test inorganic and organic especially where such tests are the basis for material or products specifications.

2. APPARATUS:- The apparatus required for salt spray (fog) testing consists of a “Fog Chamber” Salt solution chamber, Air Supply System, one or more atomizing nozzle, specimen supports, heaters for heating salt solution, and necessary means of control.

Temperature Controller:- To Control the temperature of Humidity / Chamber for heating of fogged water, with Auto Cut system to maintain the temperature within the specified range 32 to 37 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Indicator:- To Observe temperature of salt spray Chamber. The exposure zone of the salt spray chamber shall be maintained at 35 +/_ 2 degrees C

Digital Timer 6 digits:- To observe/inspect the condition of test samples periodically and recording long with time

At least 3 digits in Hour and 2 digits in minutes

pH Meter:- To check ph Value of solution used for spray.  The pH value of salt solution shall be such that when atomized at 35 degrees C the collected solution will be in the pH range from 6.5 to 7.2

AIR SUPPLY:- The air supply must be free from Oil, Dust, , the air supply/pressure must be maintained in such a way so that salt fog occurs, Pressure must be 1 Kg +/-  0.2 Kg

ATOMIZATION AND QUANTITY OF FOG:- The fog shall be such that for every 80 cm2 (4 Inch Funnel ) of horizontal collecting area, there will be collected from 1.0 to 2.0 mL of solution per hour based on an average run of at least 16 h

Supply 220 VAc; Warranty 1 year

pH Meter

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