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PH Sensor Toshcon 10 meter Cable

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pH Sensor / pH Electrode / pH Probe Toshcon.
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PH Sensor Toshcon 10 meter Cable

PH Sensor Toshcon 10 meter Cable, for connecting pH Meter or pH Controller, Signal of pH Value Passes through this cable from Sensor to meter, pH Controller or pH meter Display the value on its display and control section provides output for that signal to operate Dosing Pump or Turn ON Buzzer etc.

design and construction of

Consturuction : ph Sensor Toshcon, Toshcon pH Electrode

1. Glass bulb: It a sensor that senses the H+ ion concentration and it made from a special type of glass and membrane. The glass bulb consists of 0.1 M HCL Solution.
2. Internal electrode: this electrode made of silver chloride.
3. Internal solution: The silver chloride electrode dipped in a buffer solution of 0.1 mol/L KCL of pH 4 to pH 7.
4. Reference Electrode: It also the silver chloride electrode use for reference.

5. Junction: It made from a ceramic junction also called a diaphragm that allows the contact of sample solution and reference electrolyte. It should not disturb the electric connection between both electrodes.
6. Filling hole: It used for refilling the electrolyte if required.
7. Electrode body: the body is from non-conductive glass or plastic material and may be coated by epoxy to prevent glass bulbs.

  1. PH Sensor Toshcon 10 meter Cable
  2. PH Sensor Toshcon Glass 1 Meter Cable


Property of pH Probe : PH Sensor Toshcon 10 meter Cable

when the acidic solution is rich in H+ ion concentration. When the pH probe dipped in an acidic solution. The H+ ion moves close to the glass membrane of the sensitive glass bulb (external side of the bulb). Hence Similar reaction occurs inside the bulb. Which filled with a buffer solution of neutral pH 7. This neutral buffer solution has a constant number of Hydrogen ions. The H+ ions present inside the bulb also move close to the glass membrane (internal side of the bulb). Hence, this causes the difference in the concentration of hydrogen ion or degree of hydrogen ion activity across the membrane causing the difference in the potential (voltage). When the hydrogen ion concentration inside the glass bulb is less than the outside solution (test solution), then the given solution is acidic and hence the pH is lower than 7.

When the Hydrogen ions concentration across the membrane similar. Then it called neutral pH and the pH is equal to 7. while If the concentration of hydrogen ion of inside the bulb than outside solution then the given solution is alkaline and the pH is more than 7. Hence pH meter measures the potential difference at both the electrodes and calculate the pH as per the Nernst equation.

pH Meter

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